Journal of fundamental and applied researches

Formation of adequate self younger students in learning activities

2014. №2, pp. 170-174

Savinova Elena Y. - undergraduate student; elementary school teacher, Astrakhan State University; primary school в„– 19, 414056, Russia, Astrakhan, 20a Tatishchev st.; 414045, Russia, Astrakhan, 5 3rd Rybatzkaya st.,

The article deals various techniques to build adequate self younger students in learning activities. For the successful formation and development of regulatory ECU from elementary school students need certain conditions . First of all, the teacher from the beginning of educating a child in school is necessary to teach a child to plan actions to address educational problems , monitor and evaluate the quality of the action , describe the result , adjust made in the normal course of business mistakes ; stimulate the desire of children to activities ( to ... ( target) , it is necessary ... (action ) ).

Key words: educational actions and their results, Maturity of adequate self-reflection, учебные действия и их результаты, сформированность адекватной самооценки, рефлексия, учебная деятельность