Journal of fundamental and applied researches

Chief Editor:
Isaev G.G. - Doctor of Philology, Professor of Astrakhan State University;

Editorial Board:
Vasileva Yu.A. - Executive Secretary,Ph.D. (Philology), Editor-in-Chief of Publishing House “Astrakhan University”, Astrakhan State University;
Agleeva Z.R. - Agleeva, D.Sc. (Philology), Professor, Astrakhan State University;
Alefirenko N.F. - D.Sc. (Philology), Professor, Belgorod State University, Honored Science Worker of the Russian Federation;
Borovskaya A.A. - D.Sc. (Philology), Professor, Astrakhan State University;
Vroon R. - D.Sc. (Philology), Professor, California University, USA;
Golovaneva M.A. - D.Sc. (Philology), Professor, Astrakhan State University;
Egorova O.G. - D.Sc. (Philology), Professor, Astrakhan State University;
Jacquard J.-F. - D.Sc. (Philology), Professor, University of Geneva, Switzerland;
Zharavina L.V. - D.Sc. (Philology), Professor, Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University;
Zavyalova E.E. - D.Sc. (Philology), Professor, Astrakhan State University;
Kasyanova L.Yu. - D.Sc. (Philology), Professor, Astrakhan State University;
Kibalnik S.A. - D.Sc. (Philology), leading researcher Institute of Russian literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, St. Petersburg State University;
Kovaleva N.A. - D.Sc. (Philology), Professor at the Centre for linguistics and professional communication, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow;
Smirnova A.I. - D.Sc. (Philology), Professor, Moscow State Pedagogical University;
Galichkina E.N. - D.Sc. (Philology), Professor, Astrakhan State University;
Gorbacheva E.N. - D.Sc. (Philology), Professor, Astrakhan State University
Soegaev M.S. - D.Sc. (Philology), Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, Ashgabad;
Parshina O.N. - D.Sc. (Philology), Professor, Astrakhan State Technical University;
Merkulova M.G. - D.Sc. (Philology), Professor, Moscow State Pedagogical University;