Journal of fundamental and applied researches


2021. №1, pp. 102-107

Veklich Marina V. - Astrakhan State University, 414056, Russia, Astrakhan, 20Р° Tatischev st.

The article presents a fact-based study of the verbalization of medical knowledge, verbal nomination as one of the ways to create a Russian medical dictionary. The linguistic materials collected during the research indicate the ability of the verb to terminate concepts. Verb-terms, in contrast to noun-terms, nominate specific processes, phenomena. Verb terms are included in word-formation nests along with noun terms. Verb terms fall into two groups: 1) branch verbs and 2) common verbs. The first group unites verbs characteristic of the medical field of knowledge, the second group includes verbs, the terminological nature of which is manifested in the composition of a phrase with a dependent noun-term. In such verb-nominal phrases, the verb either expands the meaning, or concretizes the existing one. Verb terms are used mainly in those branches of medicine that are associated with a specif- ic action (for example, surgery). Verb terms have the same grammatical categories as verbs of the general literary language. The results obtained can be used for further research on the cognitive properties of verbs-terms based on new sources.

Key words: term, verb, term-verb, verb nomination