Journal of fundamental and applied researches

An essay-miniature as an effective exercise for the development of speech of pupils and the formation of subject-related and communicative-linguistic and interdisciplinary skills

2017. №4, pp. 173-178

Gorobec Lyudmila N. - 352909, Russia, Armavir, 39 Shevchenko st

Dokshina Natalya V. - Teacher, School в„– 11, 380000, Russia, Maikop, 144 March 12 st,

The article discusses the place of works-miniatures in the structure of modern Russian lessons, examines the potential of this creative exercise in terms of preparing high school students for the unified state exam in Russian language in the 11th grade, the system of job essay-miniatures.

Key words: сочинение-миниатюра, сочинение-рассуждение, развитие речи, предметные, коммуникативно-речевые, метапредметные умения, miniature, reasoning, language development, communicative-speech abilities, meta-subject skills