Journal of fundamental and applied researches

Problems of prevention of deviant behavior of pupils with disabilities

2016. №1, pp. 127-134

Skripnichenko Vera V. - Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Comprehensive boarding school в„– 5, 410000, Russia, Astrakhan, 53 Naberezhnaya 1 Maya st,

Chepikova Victoria V. - deputy director on educational work, Comprehensive boarding school в„– 5, 410000, Russia, Astrakhan, 53 Naberezhnaya 1 Maya st,

The article explains the importance and urgency of solving the problem of providing timely assistance to children with intellectual disabilities prevention of their maladjustment and behavioral disorders. Based on experience, the authors focus on the importance of the psychological - pedagogical support and versatile activity of specialists of the educational institution, which train and educate children belonging to " risk " due to adverse biological effects (due to disease) and social factors. Outlines the ways of solving the problem indicated by the prevention of deviant behavior through a variety of forms of work as the employees of a boarding school, and the involvement of all interested social partners.

Key words: девиантное поведение, девиации, дети с ограниченными возможностями здоровья, дети «группы риска», дезадаптация, дети с интеллектуальной недостаточностью, психолого-педагогическое сопровождение, профилактика, коррекция, deviant behavior, deviation, children with disabilities, children "at risk", maladjustment, children with intellectual disabilities, psychological and pedagogical support, prevention, correction