Journal of fundamental and applied researches

Interaction of freedom and social norms

2014. №1, pp. 158-162

Pavlovskaja Anna O. - postgraduate student, Astrakhan State University, 414056, Russia, Astrakhan, 20Р° Tatischev St.,

This article is devoted to the analysis of interaction of freedom and social norms. Social norms regulate the relations between members of society in various spheres of social life, freedom is criterion of activity of activity in these directions. The analysis of interaction of social norms and freedom in labor activity, in the field of policy, in regulation of questions of a private property is made. The analysis of basic rights and personal freedoms is given. Need of restriction of freedoms by social norms for prevention of crime, an arbitrariness, for ensuring freedom of others is noted.

Key words: freedom, social norms, labor activity, rules of law, property, political freedoms, personal freedom, restrictions of freedoms, свобода, социальные нормы, трудовая деятельность, нормы права, собственность, политические свободы, свобода личности, ограничения свобод