Journal of fundamental and applied researches

2013. №4, pp. 178-183

Khramova Irina S. - Candidate of Legal Sciences, Astrakhan State University, 410056, Russia, Astrakhan, 20a Tatishev St.,

The article is devoted to the scientific work of the great scientist GF Shershenevich, the results of which still have a high scientific value, are relevant in the present conditions, and can be traced in the results of scientific works, not only the scientific community but also in the formation of certain aspects of the regulatory areas, such as in education. Accents, affixed GF Shershenevich in the works devoted to education in the late XIX - early XX centuries, have reached their practical purpose in the XXI century, and were reflected in the legal acts regulating the educational activities.

Key words: G, F, Shershenevich, law degree, federal state educational standard, practice-oriented expertise