Journal of fundamental and applied researches

Информационные технологии в школах Армении

2013. №1, pp. 71-76

Baghdasaryan Artur V. - Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences (PhD), Docent, Armenian State Pedagogical University named after Khachatur Abovyan, 375010, Armenija, Erevan, Tigran Mec St., 17.,

The article is about the process of formation of an individual through social institutions. It is about the situation of informational and technological progress, with their new requirements according to the level and quality of knowledge, abilities, skills which are necessary for a present-day person as well as the creation of a favorable environment for deepening and developing the process of the worldwide globalization.

Key words: formation of an individual,national identity,basic knowledge of students,ensuring the process of education and formation of student’s individual,civil liability,patriotism,the principle of justice