Journal of fundamental and applied researches

Проблема конфессиональной безопасности: теоретико-понятийный анализ

2012. №4, pp. 263-270

Topchiev Mikhail S. - Candidate of political sciences, Astrakhan State University, 414056, Russia, Astrakhan, 20а Tatischev St.,

The purpose of article is the categorial analysis of the concepts connected with a complex of confessional safety. The main task – identification of a place of confessional safety in system of close concepts, and revealing a difference of concept «confessional safety» from concept «religious safety». In article the concept definition «confessional safety» is specified and its main characteristics reveal. The author analyzes interrelation of confessional safety with a problem of religious identity. In the course of work over the article the author comes to a conclusion that in the polycultural region the system of confessional safety should include competent system of political regulation of the state and confessional relations with the account: differences in systems of religions; difficulties of functioning of a polyconfessional field; problems of preservation of religious identity; mechanisms of preservation of interfaith balance (tolerance, interfaith dialogue).

Key words: confessional safety,safety,national security,religious safety,religious identity,ethnic and confessional conflicts,stranger.