Journal of fundamental and applied researches

Genre of polylogue as a work of art in educational literature

2022. №1, pp. 170-175

Filippov Vladimir N. - Candidate of Philological Sciences, Professor, Astrakhan StatРµ University, Astrakhan, Russia,

The article presents a specific genre of imaginative and at the same time also educational literature, called a polylogue as an introductory text in the form of a short play in the unit of a school textbook of communicative-cognitive, functionally interactive, suggestological Lozanov-Kitaigorodskaya teaching method. And this is the essence of its conceptual innovation and actuality. A polylogue is not mere communication in the form of a play but it is the expression of functionally and psychologically oriented, thoroughly motivated speech interaction of the communicants - pupils of the school group in various life situations united by the common plot of the textbook which must be artistic, rich in means of stylistic expressions of everyday English speech including school slang. The aim of this article is to give help to future authors of school textbooks in the functional interactive line.

Key words: functionally interactive line, functionally and psychologically oriented communication, motivation in speech behavior