Journal of fundamental and applied researches

National specific peculiarities of the Russian scientific style of speech in the linguodidactic aspect

2022. №1, pp. 78-82

Krapivnik Elena V. - Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor, Pacific National University, Khabarovsk, Russia,

The article discusses the national specific characteristics of the scientific style of speech and describes the language means by which the scientific style is implemented in professional writing in the Russian. Scientific style in different languages formed by language tools, such as lexical, morphological and syntactic tools, that help to convey information in an accurate, concise and neutral form. The comparative analysis of the language means of scientific style in the different languages allows to identify patterns that inherent in the speech of this functional and stylistic affiliation in a particular language. The article explains the necessity to introduces foreign students to the specifics of scientific speech style and to the peculiarities of its functioning. The necessity to optimize the process of forming of scientific speech of foreign students is conditioned by increased requirements to their language training in connection with the development of international scientific and professional contacts. Teaching Russian scientific style of speech implies presentation of the basic lexical and grammatical models of the scientific language, usage of these models in speech, different the means of expression, it forms skills in the field of the language of science. Special attention is paid to the use of terms that should serve for the correct, unambiguous and logical definition of concepts in the scientific style, but they demonstrate synonymy, quasi-synonymy, polysemy, homonymy, in particular in Russian.

Key words: scientific style of speech, national specific peculiarities, Russian language