Journal of fundamental and applied researches

Gender features of the functioning of main explicators of modal microfield of desire (based on newspaper and publicistic discourse)

2022. №1, pp. 6-10

Abdullaev Royal F. - Russian language teacher, College of commerce, Kaliningrad, Russia,

Despite numerous modern studies in the field of gender linguistics, address ed various linguistic phenomena and facts, there are still poorly studied aspects, including the functional-semantic category of modality, which plays an important role in text formation and in the formation of its communicative perspective. In the article, the purpose of which is to partially fill this gap, the object of research is one of the fragments of the multifaceted category of modality - the modal microfield of desirability, and the task is to consider the specifics of the functioning in the speech of men and women of the nuclear explicators of the modal meaning of desirability - the verb “want” and his impersonal derivative is “wanted”. The comparative frequency of the use of these explicators in the speech of men and women is revealed, the reasons for the differences associated with the goal-setting of the subjects of speech in the process of communication and gender factors are established. The analysis is based on the provisions of the theory of gender dynamics, according to which the manifestation of gender differences is a permanently changing phenomenon due to communicative situations. The results of the study confirmed the existence of gender differences both in the frequency of use of modal explicators of the desirability microfield and in the communicative purposes of their use. Analysis of gender characteristics in the functioning of the explicators of the modal value of desirability showed their significant role in the organization of verbal communication between men and women, which creates the prospect of considering modality in the mainstream of gender studies for its further study in the communicative aspect.

Key words: modality, modality of desirability, gender, gender linguistics, verbal communication, the main components of the microfield of desirability, newspaper and journalistic discourse