Journal of fundamental and applied researches


2021. №4, pp. 121-128

Majid Estiri - University of Gonbad Kavous

Khosro Torkashvand - University of Gonbad Kavous

In this article, the meanings expressed with the prepositions «на», «для», «к», «ради», which correspond to the preposition “for” in Persian, are examined. One of the problems of Iranian students in learning Russian in the classroom of Iranian audiences is the proper use of Russian prepositions. The reason for this problem is that a preposition in Persian corresponds to different prepositions in Russian. The authors of the paper think that the multiple meanings of Russian prepositions cause many problems; It means that, a preposition in Russian expresses different states and therefore different forms. The purpose of this study is to determine and describe the meanings of the prepositions «на», «для», «к», «ради» as the equivalents of the Persian preposition “for”. Russian Dictionary "Russian Language Dictionary in Four Volumes" edited by A.P. Yevgenova, "Dictionary of Modern Russian literary language" edited V.I. Chernysheva and "Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian Language" S.I. Ozhegov have been selected as linguistic sources in this study. The results of this research can be used in teaching Russian to Iranian audiences, as well as in order to minimize the mistakes of Iranian students when translating the preposition “for” into Russian.

Key words: preposition “baraye”, prepositions «на», «для», «к», «ради», Iranian students, semantic meaning, correlate