Journal of fundamental and applied researches


2021. №4, pp. 68-73

Krapivnik L.F. - Pacific National University

Krapivnik E.V. - Pacific National University

The article is devoted to the definition of the concept symbols, graphic tools, graphs, tables, diagrams and other elements of the graphic metalanguage of linguistics as a means of non-verbal expression of linguistic concepts. The purpose of the article is to describe the general characteristics of the of Russian metalanguage as a means of language research and to determine the general patterns of functioning of non-verbal units of the metalanguage and symbols above all. A metalanguage is a language intended and used to describe a natural language and including general scientific vocabulary, terms, alphabetic, numeric, spatial and other symbols, tables, diagrams, etc. The formation of a linduistic symbols is carried out, as a rule, on the basis of the language material and other sciences metalanguages material in existence. As bearers of specific information, symbols are important means of fixing, storing and developing professional and scientific knowledge. Information expressed by symbols in a linguistic text is a non-verbally expressed generalization which accumulates specialized knowledge and is used in professional and scholarly pursuits. Conducted study suggests that terms, as a verbal manifestation of special concepts, and graphic symbols, as a non-verbal manifestation of special concepts, are a key tool for scientific activity including the field of linguistic research.

Key words: metalanguage, graphic metalanguage, symbols, Russian linguistic