Journal of fundamental and applied researches


2021. №4, pp. 59-63

Konnova O.V. - Astrakhan State Medical University

Minaeva Yu.V. - Astrakhan State Medical University

The article examines the use of coloristic neologisms borrowed from French and English in the Russian language. The history of the emergence of coloronyms in Russian linguistics is studied, as well as their lexical meaning and semantic features. The continuous development of various areas of human life contributes to the emergence of new words, including neologisms. One of the most striking examples of the emergence of new lexical units in the Russian language is the process of borrowing. Among a number of borrowings, there are coloristic neologisms, there is an increased interest in the study of these lexemes. The rapid development of the modern world, cultural ties, socio-political relations with foreign states lead to a constant modification of the lexical composition of the modern Russian language.

Key words: borrowings, neologisms, coloronyms, color designation, color representation