Journal of fundamental and applied researches


2021. №4, pp. 41-43

Gushchina K.N. - Astrakhan State Medical University

The article is devoted to an attempt to comprehend the general state of modern linguistic science, as well as to identify and describe the fundamental trends in the development of the science of language. The paper suggests that the removal of information barriers between sciences gives a powerful impetus for the development of research. The dominant linguistic and cognitive-discursive toolkit of a literary work, which determines the originality of the textual projection of the thinking of the subject of speech and receives a specific linguistic formulation of knowledge about the world in a discursive structure. Thus, the article presents a hypothesis according to which the union of linguistics with scientific branches, fundamentally far from it, of a non-humanitarian sense, allows not only to establish linguo-cognitive patterns of representation of the linguistic model of the world, but also to reconstruct the abstract thinking model of the subject of speech.

Key words: discursive consciousness, linguistic consciousness, cognitive linguistics, discourse, text, model, modeling