Journal of fundamental and applied researches


2021. №4, pp. 25-29

Arkhipova I.V. - Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University

This article examines the issue of intercategorical interaction of the functional-semantic category of taxis and its В«closeВ» functional-semantic categories of temporality, aspectuality, iteration, quantitative and temporal localization/temporal non-localization, which have a field structure. All of the above categories are considered as functional-semantic fields with a predicative core. Intercategorical interaction is characterized by the interdependence and interdependence of the considered functional-semantic fields of taxis, aspectuality, temporality, iteration, quantitativeness, temporal localization / non-localization. The basis of the intercategorical interaction of the taxis with the above-mentioned functional-semantic fields is its semantic dominant: the expression of the chronological meaning of simultaneity and non-simultaneity (primary / secondary nature). Taxis and В«closeВ» functional-semantic categories of aspectuality, iteration, temporality, quantitativeness and temporal localization/non-localization are in relation to intercategorical crossing. Intercategorical connections of the taxis category with "close" functional-semantic categories in the context of intercategorical crossing make it possible to distinguish various integrative taxis semantic syncret-subcomplexes of simultaneity and non-simultaneity: aspectual-temporal-taxis, quan-titative-taxis and iterative-taxis. Intercategorical crossing of the considered functional-semantic fields of taxis, aspectuality, temporality, quantitativeness, temporal localization/non-localization determines the actualization of various taxis categorical situations of simultaneity and non-simultaneity (quantitative-taxis, iterative-taxis, temporal-taxis) in statements with prepositional deverbatives in German, Russian, English and Dutch.

Key words: taxis, intercategorical interaction, intercategorical connections, intercategorical crossing, taxis semantic syncret-subcomplexes, taxis categorical situations