Journal of fundamental and applied researches


2021. №3, pp. 19-25

Zdoronok Julia A. - Belarusian National Technical University,

This article is devoted to the study of linguoacoustic resources, which are presented in an object-oriented dynamic environment as ready-to-use phrases. The systematization of linguoacoustic resources in the form of a phrasebook in an object-oriented dynamic environment determines the direction of a person in the study of a foreign language at a conscious level and supports this process with the standard of correct speech behavior, for which the acoustic component is primary. The formation of mental actions in an object-oriented dynamic environment occurs gradually due to the fragmentation of linguoacoustic material into doses, followed by assignment with immediate feedback. The presence of audiovisual components that serve as a guideline instead of rules-instructions, speaks of the acquiring of a foreign language at the functional level, which begins with obtaining a standard of speech behavior. The situation, which is given in the audiovisual presentation, contains everything that the linguistic unit contains, so that the learners acting as the characters depicted in the example have no doubts about what kind of speech action they should perform. As a result, the ability to perceive, understand and recognize speech structures in the given communication conditions is formed. In this way, the student becomes proficient due to a system, for which it is necessary not the rote learning, but the meaningful memorizing of learning material.

Key words: linguoacoustics, linguoacoustics resources, learning management system, phrasebook