Journal of fundamental and applied researches


2021. №1, pp. 39-43

Lukoyanova Tatiana V. - Astrakhan State Medical University, 414000, Russia, Astrakhan, 121 Bakinskaya st.

Kasimtseva Lyubov M. - Astrakhan State Medical University, 414000, Russia, Astrakhan, 121 Bakinskaya st.

He problem of interaction between language and society is more and more relevant in the modern world. Changes of the world have influenced the discourse in various spheres of communication. Moreover the progress of medicine has led to changes in the system of medical terms, and, consequently, to difficulties in understanding of terms in the ordinary consciousness. A person always wants to understand other people and to be understood by them. So it is the main goal of communication. The article deals with the issue of the functioning of medical terms in the minds of first-year French-speaking students. First-year stu- dents have the ordinary consciousness. Medical terms, which are studied by them (first-year students), function in the ordinary consciousness in incorrect form. It’s because they are based on associations, feelings which the person has during the process of cognition, and, therefore, they must be interpreted. During the process of learning, there is a need to clarify the personal meanings that medical students have in regarding to special terms. In this article the author gives the results of the research concerning the French-speaking students’ knowledge of medical terminology. The author gives examples of the perception and rethinking of medical terms based on common knowledge and examines the formation of scientific knowledge to develop the language of medicine in the consciousness of students and its competent use in the future.

Key words: term, terminology, terminology system, medical terminology, scientific knowledge, consciousness, ordinary consciousness, perception, medical terms