Journal of fundamental and applied researches


2021. №1, pp. 20-26

Bogomolova Irina V. - Astrakhan State University, 414056, Russia, Astrakhan, 20Р° Tatischev st.,

This work is devoted to the study of the language of Italian migrants in the United States during the second wave of 1880-1950. The aim of the work is a linguistic analysis of the Italian-American dialect of second wave migrants in the United States. The objectives of the research are to describe the history of the emergence of the Italian-English dialect; toanalyze scientific and linguistic literature on the Italian-English dialect; to study the transformational stages of the Italian-English dialect of Italian migrants in the United States during the second wave of 1880-1950. The study reached the following conclusions: in the course of the migration of Italians of the second wave in the United States (1880-1950), the native language (for the most part, the Italian dialects) of migrants undergoes the following transformations: at the first stage, migrants speak Italian dialects due to the illiteracy of the majority of immigrants; at the second stage, by developing contacts with the local population, educating migrant children in local schools, etc. an interlanguage or Italian-English dialect was formed, which included elements of Italian dialects and English .The morphological structure and syntax of the Italo-English dialectwere determined by the English language. Borrowings from the English language occured "by ear", with the help of transcription they could be recorded in writing, highlighting combinations of sounds similar to the native language (Italian dialects)in the English sentence; at the third stage, the Italian-English dialect was transformed by the Americans of Italian descent into English (American version), and became the language of interpersonal communication with rare inclusions of Italians. Thus, the Italo-English dialect is a transitional stage from the Italian (dialectal) language to the complete assimilation and adaptation of the English (American) language by migrants of the second wave on the territory of the United States in 1880-1950.

Key words: the Italian language of migrants, dialect, the Italian-English dialect, interlanguage, transformation, the English language