Journal of fundamental and applied researches


2020. №4, pp. 165-172

Baydasheva Elvira M. - Astrakhan State Medical University,

It is proved that there is an increased interest in the study of color in various aspects of science. The relevance of the research is determined by the interest in the problems associated with the theoretical and practical study of terminological word formation of color in medicine. The aim of the present study is to investigate colorview in medical terminology. It is revealed that medical dictionaries contain terms that contain a word that denotes colora coloronym, which is used to clarify and specify the symptom, sign designated by the term. Consequently, a thematic range of chemical elements is considered, indicating the name of color shades, types of medicinal plants and their colors. It is analyzed that medical terms with a coloronym have a number of features, such as the duration of functioning, participation in the creation of new terms. It is revealed that the thematic group of coloronyms in folk names of medicinal plants indicate the color, appearance (white spots on prickly green leaves) and the valuable medicinal properties of this plant. It is considered that in modern linguistics, the dynamics of the surrounding world is also manifested in the emergence of new associations associated with a certain term of color, which leaves an imprint on its meaning. Thematic groups of chemical elements, substances, minerals and acids with coloronyms indicating the name of color shades are analyzed. It was found that each coloronym denotes its own thematic series and has a number of features in medical terminology. Thematic group colorview has characteristic symptoms and signs of disease. As a result of the analysis of the content of coloristic names, the following thematic groups were identified, differentiated on the basis of the spheres of functioning of the term: names of internal diseases; names of skin diseases; names of plants; names and colors of chemical elements; blood analysis.

Key words: color, color shades, colorone, the term theme group, the chemical elements of medical terminology