Journal of fundamental and applied researches


2018. №3, pp. 5-10

Grazhdan Elena N. - Сandidate of Philological Sciences, Astrakhan State University, 414056, Russia, Astrakhan, 20Р° Tatishchev st,

This article is an attempt to investigate the lingvo-cultural type В«terroristВ». The aim of the investigation is to define the main conceptual characteristics of this type in American linguistic consciousness. Working on the problem the author applies to the definitions and the etymology of the word В«terroristВ» and analyzes the extralinguistic information. The conceptual and interpretative methods and etymological analysis were used in the article. As the result of the undertaken analysis the author comes to the conclusion that the main characteristics of this lingvo-cultural type in American linguistic consciousness are "cases of cruelty", "terrifying to get your target" and "act of terrorism". Combinations of additional characteristics give different concepts and new lexical units in American lingvoculture. The characteristics of the lingvo-cultural types "terrorist performer" and "terrorist organizer" may coincide or may differ depending on the situation. The terrorist performer is usually a young man (a woman) with secondary education, he can be an unemployed person or a student. As a rule he is from a family with middle income. The terrorist organizer is a middle-aged person with higher education from a wealthy family. The undertaken investigation contributes to the development of linguistics, specifies the conceptual characteristics of this lingvo-cultural type and characterizes it in American linguistic consciousness.

Key words: лингвокультурология, лингвокультурный типаж, понятийные характеристики, террорист, жестокость, политическая или религиозная цель, lingvo-cultural studies, lingvo-cultural type, conceptual characteristics, terrorist, cruelty, political and religious target