Journal of fundamental and applied researches


2016. №4, pp. 12-17

Molchanova Elena E. - Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Astrakhan State University, 414056, Russia, 20a Tatishchev st,

The relevance of argumentative texts, extensively presented in the discourses of different types, due to the interest in the author's position that most clearly manifests itself in the texts of journalistic style. It argumentative texts aimed at revision and the change of the position of the source (literal or present) that can lead to very different communicative effects. Their character is determined by the position of the author is a rhetorical or sophistical. is determined by the rhetorical or sophistical approach of the author. The impacts - bringing out the best in every person and society or, vice-versa, destructive for them - are determined by either an author’s rhetoric or sophistic approach. In the present article text is analyzed with respect to a compliance status of an argumentative, publicistic one; requirements of a rhetoric approach to communication (even in the monologue format), which are true respect for audience by providing relevant examined natural arguments that feed critical thinking and give a chance to reach own conclusions.

Key words: факт, аргумент, риторика, автор, адресат, «журналистика соучастия», публицистическая статья, аргументативный текст, естественные аргументы, fact, argument, rhetoric, author, audience, participatory journalism, publicistic article, argumentative text, natural arguments