Journal of fundamental and applied researches


2014. №4, pp. 163-169

Shemyakin Dmitry V. - senior officer, Academy of Ministry of interior of Russia; Department of economic security and anti-corruption Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in Astrakhan region, 414000, Russia, Astrakhan, 5 Kirov st,

The article considers the problems of criminal preclusion of crimes against justice, reveals the signs of falsification of evidence in criminal and civil cases. Analyzed the complexity of criminal preclusion if falsification of evidence. The author examined in detail the elements of the crime when fraud crimes, pointed to the role of participants in the criminal and civil process of falsification of evidence, emphasized the role of competition in the criminal legal norms in crime against justice. Special attention is paid to the aggravating circumstances of fraud in the criminal case of a grave or particularly grave crime, based on a position of the subject of proof in a civil case.

Key words: преюдиция, фальсификация доказательств, ответственность за фальсификацию, обстоятельства фальсификации, признаки фальсификации, конституционные гарантии, прокурор, особо тяжкое преступление, преступление, уголовное дело, правосудие, prejudice, falsification of evidence, liable for fraud, the circumstances of the fraud, signs of tampering, Constitutional guarantees, the Prosecutor, particularly serious crime, a crime, a criminal case, justice