Journal of fundamental and applied researches

2014. №1, pp. 171-175


There are irrefutable historical continuities between the Berlin-Africa Conference (1884-1885), the original Eurafrica (European Union) project and current “mappings” of migration routes in the African Continent. This border externalization “initiative” could be defined as a de facto “cartographic war” against Africa and it is organized by Frontex, an external and internal borders program, founded in 2004, with the fastest growing budget in the European Union. In this paper, I argue that Frontex is just one of many examples of how the aftermaths of September 11th have been violently implemented on a planetary level hampering human mobility. Based on an essay written for the catalogue of the groundbreaking exhibition "Visa oder die Verhinderung des Reisens“ (Visa or the Impediments of Travelling, Ifa Galerie, Bonn/Sttugart, 2003), I offer some insights into how these policies are increasing their fascist profile until today and how they are embodied in our sensations.

Key words: современное искусство, страх, миграция, транснациональные идентичности, визовая политика, Contemporary Art, Fear, Migration, Transnational Identities, Visa Policies