Journal of fundamental and applied researches

2013. №4, pp. 069-075

Gaynutdinova Natalia A. - post-graduate student, Astrakhan State University, 410056, Russia, Astrakhan, 20a Tatishev St.,

In the article the meaning of the parity of realistical and metaphysical origins, with the help of that the author opens the important for he a theme of redemption. He represents a way of the simple people hammered by a life from a sin before its possible remission and a pardon. All the main characters have the point of readout in overcoming force of chaos, but entered in system of Life. Heroes of the story in own way pass a heavy way to expiation through the usual household world. It proves to be true the analysis chronotop, which revealed the ritualization of artistic space and time. F. Gorenshtejn builds the product on contrast “real – mythological”, through sending by a bible epoch, expanding with that and complicating structure of the story.

Key words: real and mythological, contrast, chronotop, mifologizm, timeless, biblical images, ritualization