Journal of fundamental and applied researches

Фальсификация политической истории как средство борьбы элит за власть

2013. №2, pp. 150-157

Karabushchenko Pavel L.  - Doctor of Philosophy, professor, Astrakhan State University, 414056, Russia, Astrakhan, Tatischev st. 20а,

The analysis of political history shows, that in a political elite struggle for the power all means are good. And the most widespread means of struggle is the lie which when systematized leads to falsification occurrence. More often the elites forge the eliteness which they do not have. In history they forge the negative pages of the political past in which events they all can easily recognize themselves. Manipulation with the public by means of historical falsification is one of effective and long-term means of mass consciousness influence. The ruling elite represents itself as the successor of all outstanding in the national history, thus forgetting about gloomy pages of the predecessors, representing them in ideological favourable light.

Key words: true,elite,person,falsification,lie,verification,domination,the power,the justification,hermeneutics,mythology,postindustrializm