Journal of fundamental and applied researches

Генезис концепции информационного общества:теоретико-правовой аспект

2012. №4, pp. 213-221

Shigontseva Ekaterina V. - prosecutor of department of supervision of performance of laws in the economic sphere, Prosecutor’s office of the Astrakhan region, 414024, Russia, Astrakhan, Naberezhnaja Privolzhskogo zatona, 13/1,

Article represents the review devoted to modern approaches to studying of information society, to its characteristics and features. The author made attempt to track reflection of the basic theoretical provisions of theories of information society in the international legal acts. The special attention is given to the analysis of the maintenance of the Okinavsky Charter of global information society from July 22, 2000. The author comes to a conclusion that occurring processes of globalization and the considered international documents are the catalyst of acceptance of national strategy of creation of information society.

Key words: information society,information,information technologies,electronic government.