Journal of fundamental and applied researches

Language images in the Belgorod Poetic Discourse

2022. №1, pp. 162-165

Plotnikova Yuliya V. - Graduate Student, Belgorod State University,

The article is devoted to the analysis of the means of realization of imagery presented in the poetic texts of modern Belgorod authors. The main function of the poetic language is the aesthetic function, which is determined by the need to create vivid verbal images. One of the most striking expressive means is lexical neoplasms, which can be considered one of the components of a regional poetic discourse that synthesizes poetic texts and various components of an extralinguistic nature. Expressive syntax constructions can be attributed to the vivid means of implementing imagery: anaphora, inversion, verse translation, rhetorical conversion. The variety of figurative means creates a kind of configuration of the discursive-regional space of Belogorye.

Key words: language images, poetic discourse, author's words, poetic syntax