Journal of fundamental and applied researches

POETRY BY S. MUSUKAEVA: MODAL SPECIFICITY (materials for the biobibliographic dictionary "Karachay-Balkarian writers")

2021. №4, pp. 171-175

Uzdenova F.T. - Institute for the Humanities Research

The features of S. Musukayeva's poetry are investigated: poetics and philo-sophical-humanistic principle, apperceptive and sensitive models, emotive-modal character of a literary text. The conclusion is made about the resistance of the axiological modality in the texts of the Karachai-Balkarian authors and a tendency to increase the “meaningfulness” (M. Meerovich). In the work gnoseological and hermeneutic approaches are applied, a short literary analysis was made.

Key words: poetry, S. Musukaeva, modality, genres, philosophical context