Journal of fundamental and applied researches


2018. №1, pp. 108-113

Yalharoeva Marem A. - Candidate of Philological Sciences, Ingush Research Institute of Humanities them. Ch.E. Akhrieva, 86001, Ingush Republic, Magas, 11, Mal'sagov st,

The article is devoted to literary activity in emigration of Magomet Dzhabagiev. The study examines the book “Ingush folk texts”, published by Magomet Jabagiev in France, as well as his own works. The relevance of the study is determined by the fact that the creative heritage of the Magomet Dzhabagiev is of permanent importance, it is virtually unexplored and is of great interest to national literary studies.

Key words: Магомет Джабагиев, ингушский фольклор, ингушский алфавит, Жорж Дюмизель, ингуше-чеченская азбука, Magomet Dzhabagiev, Ingush folklore, Ingush alphabet, Georges Dumezil, Ingush-Chechen alphabet