Journal of fundamental and applied researches

ON METHODOLOGICAL BASES MODERN HISTORICAL LINGUISTICS (on the example of the history of the category of animation in the Russian language)

2017. №3, pp. 57-61

Ilchenko Olga S. - Dоctor of Philоlogical Sciences, Professor, Saint-Petersburg State University, 199034, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 7-9 Universitetskaya emb,

The article reveals the reasons fРѕr the methodological shift in contemporary historical Russian studies, and outlines the prospects for further diachronic studies. The example of understanding the phenomenРѕn of animation in the Russian language demonstrates the effectiveness of a comprehensive integrative approach that has made it possible to create a multidimensional description of an object as a holistic phenomenon in a consistent set of its different sides and to indicate the reasons for the historians of the Russian language to set the same problems for one and a half centuries.

Key words: когнитивные теории, интерпретационные методики, разноуровневые языковые факты, филологический анализ памятников письменности