Journal of fundamental and applied researches


2016. №4, pp. 171-177

Shirokov Andrey M. - Judge, Kostroma Regional Court, 156961, Russia, Kostroma, 3 Skvortsova st,

The article discusses the concept of providing forensic activities prosecutor at the pretrial and trial stages of the criminal process. It is stated that the Criminal Procedure Law, defining the main directions of activity of subjects of criminal prosecution, in particular, the public prosecutor, does not contain any specific recommendations and methods aimed at improving the effectiveness of the implementation of these legal proceedings, including, in relation to a specific criminal offense and due to its specificity. To develop productive ways of combating crime, effective methods of prevention and investigation of criminal violations, including the specific type, designed to forensic technique. According to the author, the prosecutor overseeing the investigation or inquiry, directly involved in the issues of the investigation - often even before a criminal case at the stage of verification reports of the crime, the prosecutor is already involved in determining the direction of formation of the evidentiary basis in the future is looking for ways to overcome Anti-investigation fixes investigative errors, miscalculations and others. Ultimately, it is the public prosecutor is responsible for assessing the professional investigator (inquirer) solutions. The author concludes that the concept of forensic software prosecutions carried out by the prosecutor, is a system based on the theory and prosecutorial practice forensic recommendations to improve the effectiveness of prosecutorial supervision in the identification, disclosure and investigation of crimes, in proving on criminal cases at the pre-trial stage and the court production, as well as forensic techniques, methods, and programs aimed at improving the effectiveness of the prosecutor's activities in the sphere of interaction with actors engaged in the investigation, in order to comply with the latest requirements of legality in criminal proceedings.

Key words: причинение имущественного ущерба путем обмана и злоупотребления доверием, жилищно-коммунальное хозяйство, криминалистическое обеспечение, прокурор, infliction of property damage under false pretense and misuse of confidence, housing and communal services, forensic provision, prosecutor