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Журнал фундаментальных и прикладных исследований

Blended learning: students’ attitudes towards the use of technology in interpreting training

2016. №4, Стр. 52-59

Vojko Gorjanc - Full Professor, University of Ljubljana, A, vojko.gorjanc@ff.uni-lj.si

Olga Egorova - Full Professor, Astrakhan State University, Institute of Language & Communicative Business Strategies, 11 Akhmatovskaya str., Astrakhan, 414000, Russia, egorovs.mail@gmail.com

Valentina  - MA, Professional Interpreter, Professional Interpreter, Volkmerjeva cesta 7, 2250 Ptuj, Slovenia, valentina.zitek@gmail.com

The interpreting profession, as well as interpreter training, has been changed by technology, and in higher education blended learning has become a part of modern study programmes. We present the results of a short survey of former and current MA students of interpreting at the University of Ljubljana and Astrakhan State University on the role of blended learning in interpreting study programmes, and students’ attitudes towards different blended learning activities, from the use of language resources, podcasts, video and audio materials, and social media, to participation in videoconferences and mock conferences.

Ключевые слова: blended learning, interpreting technologies, higher education, interpreting profession, interpreter training, attitudes